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Have questions about kitchen or bathroom remodeling? We got answers. If you cannot find what you need, you can always contact us. We will always provide support, no matter if you are our client or not.

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You take pride in your home and put your own blood, sweat, and tears into making sure it looks its best all year round. When you need upgrades and renovations, there is one place to call for the best construction and home renovation San Diego has to offer. Sheiner Construction has everything you need to turn your house into your dream home! For all of your home renovation needs, Sheiner Construction is here to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. Get the very best in renovation services for San Diego and the surrounding area right here at Sheiner Construction.

Here at Sheiner Construction of San Diego, we have helped many homeowners improve their homes with a wide range of kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling projects and home addition renovations. During these projects, we get asked a great deal of home renovation questions and have homeowners come to us with their renovation project concerns. Here are some of the most common questions and answers you need to know as you begin thinking about your California home renovation work.


Most frequent questions and answers

Sheiner Construction has proudly served the San Diego area for over 10 years, with our current partnership established in 2020. We have four fully-staffed teams that can handle all scopes of home renovation, including additions, renovations, remodeling, and design services. Our services are available to residents living in San Diego, Poway, Escondido, San Marcos, Vista, Chula Vista, Bonita, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, El Cajon, Lakeside, Santee, and Spring Valley.

If you have work you want to be done on your home, there are two questions you will need to answer. Are you ready to invest in expert renovation and remodeling services or are you willing to risk a DIY project? Usually, the temptation for a DIY project comes from a desire to save money. However, this is very risky and will ultimately lead to more work and even greater expense unless you can honestly say “yes” to each and every one of these questions:

  • Do you have time to commit to the project?
  • Are you motivated enough to see the project to the end?
  • Do you have the skills, tools, and experience required?
  • Are you certified to do electrical, plumbing, construction work, etc.?
  • Do you know how to handle hazardous materials like lead and asbestos?
  • Are you able to secure licensing and permits and get insurance?
  • Do you have plans and the ability to draft blueprints and designs?
  • Are you confident in your ability to address unforeseen problems?

In the end, investing in skilled and professional home renovation is by far the safest and easiest choice to make. Any money you might save upfront in costs will be lost when damages occur, mistakes are made, and problems arise. When you trust Sheiner Construction, you know you are getting expert services right from the very start and are making a smart investment into your home.

Some of the common renovations we see homeowners looking for when it comes to the bathroom remodeling in San Diego are:

  • Sink and vanity installations
  • Plumbing reworking
  • Shower and tub upgrade
  • Cabinet and storage additions
  • Complete remodeling
  • Bathroom expansions

Some of the common renovations we see homeowners looking for when it comes to the kitchen remodeling in San Diego are:

  • Countertop upgrades
  • Cabinet and storage additions
  • Counter, island, and seating additions
  • Flooring installation upgrades
  • Overall layout and flow improvements
  • Expansion of kitchen area

Home remodeling in California can be performed pretty much year-round, depending on what specific project you have in mind. Renovation and remodeling of indoor areas are generally completed any time of the year. Larger scale projects or those involving exterior components may be somewhat weather dependent. For example, foundation or footing work should be completed when temperatures are above freezing, large-scale projects need to be done in favorable weather, and seasonal climate and weather patterns must be considered when completing a home addition. During your initial consultation with the Sheiner Construction team, we will discuss the timelines of your project and work out these specifics.

In many cases, smaller-scale projects such as bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling work can be done much faster than larger projects like home additions and remodeling. If you are ok with the inconvenience of workers being in your home, not having access to certain areas, and the possibility of being without power and water for part of the time, you could stay in your home. It is generally advisable to find alternative lodging arrangements to make yourself more comfortable and to ensure the work can be done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Though it sounds a bit evading and a bit disregarding, the answer really is “it depends.” The scope of kitchen and bathroom remodels are so vast and varies. Many factors can play into what has to be done before, during, and after the renovation. Naturally, adding a new tub or shower will be faster than knocking down walls and expanding the bathroom. Likewise, adding new counters and cabinets will be less time-consuming than a full kitchen overhaul. During your consultation with our team, tentative timelines will be figured out, and you will get a better idea of the start-to-finish time for your project.

All great remodeling and renovation projects start with a vision so be sure you have an idea of what you want and a few backup ideas in case something doesn’t work out. Then contact the design team here at Sheiner Construction and let us help you finalize the plans and figure out the project timeline and steps. But, generally speaking, before construction begins, you should clear out as many of your belongings as possible from the house where workers will be coming and going. The bathroom or kitchen likewise should be emptied of all appliances and possessions. Our team will offer specific steps to take during preparations and will do our utmost to protect anything left in the home while we are working.

Remodeling work and renovations completed by skilled and experienced construction professionals in San Diego offer a large return on the initial investment. Estimates vary depending on the type of work done, the age and condition of the home overall, the location and region, and other factors unique to specific homes and projects.  However, successful home improvements and renovations can greatly increase the value as well as the appeal of your home when you decide to sell it down the road. Newer touches, better features, and more comfortable spaces go a long way in making your home more desirable. This in turn makes it easier to sell for top dollar on the market.

At the risk of sounding elusive, we really must say that “it depends.” The scope of the bathroom remodeling dictates how long the project will take. For example, if you are relocating your fixtures and reconfiguring the room, the actual construction will obviously take a little bit longer. But, it is important to remember that moving fixtures will generally require building department permits, which will also add to the project time.

Your renovation project with us will start with a planning session. Our skilled design experts will meet with you and help you define the scope of the project and figure out what results you are after. We will then help you build a suitable budget. The meeting can be on-site so everyone understands exactly what will go where and what changes will be included within the scope of the project.

Home renovation in California is a complicated business. There are many hoops to jump through and legal processes to follow and adhere to throughout the process. Our team will ensure everything goes according to plan without hassle or incident. We will handle all approvals, licensing, permits, inspections, and certifications that might be required in your area.

If you are in need of design help and have questions about what upgrades you should focus on, and what renovations will give you the most bang for your buck, we are here to help. Our design team will consult with you on every aspect of your project, including design elements, material selection, and more. We have helped many San Diego residents and we are ready to do the same for you.

Once the remodeling work has been done and clean-up has commenced, our team will do a walk-through with you for your final approval. We will ensure you have received the results you wanted and that the project plan has been carried out and completed to your satisfaction. After final signing off our construction and remodeling guarantee will take effect.

We Believe In Going The Extra Mile To Ensure Your Kitchen Or Bathroom Remodeling Is An Easy And Hassle-free Experience. Our remodeling contractors in San Diego are committed to quality and are passionate about bringing your ideas to life. We believe in going the extra mile to ensure your kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling is an easy and hassle-free experience. We create top-rate renovations while staying within your budget. Our experience and expertise allow us to meet any kind of demand. From shower conversions to custom cupboard builds, we’ll do all the heavy lifting. At the end of the day, all you need to do is enjoy your remodeled space. Contact us today to get started and to see for yourself why we are the name more San Diego home owners trust when it comes time to upgrade their homes.