San Diego Bathroom Renovation Trends: 12 Amazing Ideas to Elevate Your Toilet and Bath

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Do you want to imbue your bathroom with a unique style and personality? Perhaps it’s time to breathe new life into the space—and we have the most amazing San Diego bathroom renovation trends you should consider.

Bathroom renovation is not just vanity. There are also practical reasons behind it.

Why You Should Consider Renovating Your Bathroom

Every single person in your household visits the bathrooms multiple times a day. If you have a space that looks and feels quite staid and boring, it may be past time to jazz it up. You won’t just change how it looks; you will also be upgrading how it functions.

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Renovating a bathroom will also significantly increase the value of your home. There will be a significant return on investment if you ever sell the property in the future.

A major bathroom renovation is also a good time to fix persistent problems in your bathroom, such as rusty fixtures, leaking faucets, mold issues, and other annoyances that you have tolerated for ages. After so many years, dirt will have accumulated on your tiles, no matter how thoroughly you’ve been cleaning them.

Consulting with professional contractors like us Sheiner Construction on what needs to be updated in your bathroom will lead to the very best upgrades to take it to the next level.

Safety, for example, must be a top priority for bathroom renovation work, especially if you have children at home. The bathroom must have slip-resistant flooring, and outlets should be unreachable to young children.

And as you plan your bathroom renovation, you should also consider making the space as environmentally friendly and energy-efficient as possible.

Amazing San Diego Bathroom Renovation Trends

Here are some ideas that will elevate the look of your bathroom, improve its functionality, and give you a sense of comfort every time you step into it:

1. His & Hers Bathroom

Many couples now prefer to have separate bathrooms. So if you have a relatively large bathroom to begin with, dividing it into two may be a good option to maintain peace in your household.

Having his-and-hers bathrooms may be especially crucial for career-oriented couples to have separate spaces to get ready in the morning. Men and women have very different bathroom habits, after all, so it’s just practical to have separate sinks where one can shave facial hair, and the other can do makeup.

Keeping cosmetic products in separate spaces can also be a practical solution for a large yet cluttered bathroom. No one ever said a bathroom renovation has to be involved or overly complex.

2. Pretty in Pink

Pink is such a flashy color that people can’t help but be attracted to it. When you have a pink bathroom, you can’t help but be mesmerized by it.

It’s more than just a feminine color; pink is also cozy, warm, and romantic. It is also a smart choice for bathroom renovation projects.

Pink bathrooms were all the rage in the 1940s and 1950s. Home enthusiast Pam Kueber, who is also behind the Save the Pink Bathrooms movement, believes there were five million pink bathrooms in the U.S. during those decades. Maybe it’s time to bring a pink bathroom into your home, too!

3. Detailed Cabinetry

When it comes to bathroom cabinets, most homeowners prioritize function to the point of neglecting design. But again, think about how much time you and everyone in your household spend in the bathroom and how many essential toiletries you store in those cabinets. When you renovate your bathroom, every functional part of it should also be upgraded.

Cabinets or vanities with detailed designs could elevate the room’s overall aesthetic. If you are keeping the walls monotone, then opt for cabinet doors with bright or dark hues so they will be the much-needed pops of color in the space.

4. Earthy Tones

Earth colors and textures will make your comfort room even more homey, a place where you can feel at ease. Earthy tones are warm and contemporary, and they have a way of embracing you.

What makes a bathroom earthy? The best and most practical San Diego bathroom remodels involve changing out the fixtures. Consider stone-based flooring or walls. Quartz or granite are great materials for your countertops. Up the natural quotient with a bathroom sink carved from real stone.

For the other design components, a golden brown wooden cabinet for your towels and bathroom products, plus some pastel or light green curtains, will complete the earthy design.

And if you want to go full natural, add a window where sunlight can flow in and provide natural lighting. Add a plant or two as well for a touch of actual nature.

5. Go Bold With Shower Tiles

Most bathrooms are plain and maybe a bit boring. Going bold with your shower tiles can add some interest and personality in a limited space.

There are two ways to make your shower space more vibrant:

●  Install an accent tile wall.

●  Install brand new tiles on the shower wall that are entirely different from the rest of the bathroom.

Dark and colorful tiles would make a great accent tile wall because they will pop out in contrast. If you want a more cohesive look, choose colorful but lighter-hued tiles.

6. Pretty Wallpapers for Small Bathrooms

Brand-new wallpaper will provide excitement within small bathrooms and make them seem larger than they are. Beautiful designs, such as flowers, clouds, birds, or forests, will open up the space.

You can also integrate a bit of San Diego pride with wallpaper or art showcasing the city’s beautiful beaches or exciting animals.

7. Statement Bathtubs

A statement bathtub is a large and striking tub that will become the star of your bathroom—it’s a fantastic option if you have lots of space to fill. It can make a bathroom renovation job a lot easier overall.

What’s remarkable about a statement tub is that there are so many outrageous designs out there, and you can even have a bespoke one made to perfectly represent your unique personality.

8. Geometric Tile Flooring

Your bathroom floor doesn’t have to be monotone, especially in small or cramped spaces. You can add excitement to your bathroom through geometric tile flooring.

There are many designs and combinations of geometric shapes to choose from—the options are endless. It’s one of the most popular San Diego bathroom renovation trends because your choice of geometric tiles is sure to make the entire room look unique.

Get in touch with an experienced San Diego remodeling team to ensure that your gorgeous geometric tile flooring is installed correctly for your bathroom renovation.

How Your Toilet Could Feel

9. Built-In Fireplace

Have you ever thought about putting a fireplace in your bathroom? There’s no doubt they will make for the most luxurious and soothing extended baths at the end of long days at work or hours spent in the cold.

Putting a fireplace in the bathroom is no longer as difficult as it used to be because there are now prefab fireplaces on the market. These fireplace setups also come in varying sizes, so you can find one that will suit your bathroom no matter how small it is.

10. Glass Ceiling or Glass Roof Window

A glass roof window is not an obvious choice because total privacy is crucial in the bathroom. However, there is a practical reason to have a glass ceiling or glass roof window in the bathroom because it’s the gateway to natural warmth and lighting.

You can open the glass roof window for natural ventilation, which will drastically reduce condensation and mold growth. And having natural light means you can save on your electric bill and enjoy the glow of the sun.

11. Smart Bathroom Storage

You should consider installing practical bathroom components to maximize the functionality of your sacred space. An example of smart design is integrating storage space that doubles as an alcove with a window for natural lighting. The storage on top could be for some bathroom display items like plants, magazines, or potpourri.

12. Bathroom Rugs

Once the renovation is complete, add some beautifully designed rugs to add style and texture to your bathroom. While almost everything else in the bathroom is hard or even harsh, the rug will soften it up. It is also great for drying your feet when you step out of the shower or bath.

Consider San Diego Bathroom Renovation

Don’t be hasty in the renovation process. Study the overall layout of your bathroom and carefully consider what changes you want to make. Research styles and trends that you want to incorporate. We’ve already given you 12 fun San Diego bathroom renovation trends to start your brainstorming process.

Put your ideas on paper and consider your budget for the renovation project. Budget is crucial in San Diego bathroom renovation. There is also no standard cost because it depends on the nature of the project—is it a minor or major renovation? It also depends on the size of the bathroom and the components and fixtures you want to install, along with the cabinets and vanities. Get in touch with Sheiner Construction to get a free estimate of your planned bathroom renovation in San Diego.