Remodel Inspiration- Discover 3 Great Bathroom Trends

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Bathroom remodels ideas do not have to be limited to choosing new fixtures or bathroom vanities. Remodel inspiration can come form many sources and there are countless ways we can help you make your remodel go as smoothly as possible. Bathroom remodeling in San Diego can be a messy process, but when done right, it can make for an exciting, stylish room that will make any homeowner happy. 

We’ve compiled a list of bathroom remodeling trends and ideas for you to consider, using both traditional and nontraditional bathroom design ideas to give you some great places to start

Remodel inspiration for the bathroom space
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Bathroom remodeling ideas with a contemporary flair include: changing your lighting fixtures, adding a bathtub, painting the walls in your bathroom a different color, replacing old, outmoded fixtures with sleek, new ones, or creating a unique design by including cutting-edge fixtures and contemporary decor touches like mirrors.

Remodel inspiration for the bathroom space can also include hardware optiond. Bathroom fixtures and faucets featuring chrome finishes or classic bronze designs add a contemporary touch to bathrooms while brass fixtures and porcelain fixtures with brushed nickel finishes add a luxurious touch. New faucets that feature pull-out shower heads are another fun way we can help you with your bathroom remodel ideas.

Traditional bathroom remodels ideas that are more creative include: updating your plumbing or adding a new floor or basement, replacing your existing toilet, installing new tiles in your bathroom, painting your walls, adding new hardware on your toilet and sinks, and adding new shower curtains and accessories. New fixtures and tile styles including marble, mosaic, tumbled, hammered, glass mosaic tile, and ceramic tiles are ideal for updating your bathroom. 

Remodeling your toilets, sinks, faucets, shower curtains, and tile in this area can make a big difference in your overall appearance and functionality. It is a common source of remodel inspiration for homeowners. Tiles and fixtures with a tiled trim and a clean finish are a great choice for creating a modern look for your bathroom.

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